Meat, Fish and Poultry – PET/PP

Our heat sealable trays are available in a wide range of industry standard sizes in addition to colours and depths.

We use less plastic while maximising strength and protection. Manufactured to BRC A grade standards and incorporating up to 100% recycled content our meat, fish and poultry packaging solutions are optimised for high-speed performance.

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Meat: MAP, Burger Trays and Skin packs - PET/PP

With a wide range of cavity and divider options, our meat trays are designed to protect, improve shelf life and maximise the shelf presence of all your meat products from red meats to burgers and sausages.

Fish: MAP trays and Prawn Trays - PET/PP

With a wide range of cavity and divider options, our fish and prawn trays showcase your products to maximum effect, while increasing their shelf life. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and specifications.

Poultry: MAP trays and Whole Bird - PET/PP

We have an extensive range of sizes and depths of poultry and whole bird trays, which are designed to protect and maximise shelf life as well as offering the ultimate product presentation. All trays offer a wide variety of cavity and divider options.